A victory with only one strike, a new storm hits the kickboxing industry


Presented below is an English translation from a Japanese news paper article covering one of Christian Guillaume’s fights held in Tokyo 1969.

Special thanks to Luc Cerutti for providing the Japanese news paper article and Yasuko Gemeiner for the English translation.

(C) Craig Gemeiner 2009

“Skills as quick as lighting, draws a hush over the audience.

The strength of French boxing”






Picture – 1st round KO (58 seconds) of MIYATAKA with his body stretched out on the canvas. GUILLAUME’s front kick, (chasse frontal), fast as lighting at the Korakuen Hall.

French boxing made its debut in Japan, and stormed the Koraken Hall. On the 5th, the French feather weight champion, Christian GUILLAUME produced a brilliant KO victory over Japan bantam weight champion Shiro MIYATAKA taking only 58 seconds in the 1st round.

 Wow! – The audience was surprised by this quick technique. Since advance reviews placed a question mark on the real fighting skills of French boxing, GUILLAUME’s brilliant KO victory produced a silence over the crowd.

A short time after the astonished sights, comments such as” He is strong ! I am so surprised!” followed by the eddy of the audience’s loud applause which wrapped around the Korakuen.

It only took 58 seconds in the 1st round using a light speed front kick. GUILLAUME approached the ropes red faced.

Before his fight,  ” this is my first time to watch kickboxing. It is very powerful.” said GUILLAUME looking toward the continuous scene’s of KOs.

People had doubt if French boxing was real for fighting. Since French boxing was a sport for the nobility class in France, it is far more important to demonstrate the correct techniques and produce the aesthetic form rather than just trying for the KO.

However GUILLAUME, holding a 2nd dan in Judo and also being a teacher of physical education, was use to the situation. “In my country audiences do not attend so much. We only have 2-3 competitions each year.” said GUILLAUME.

Like a painting the double kick was followed by a long spinning kick. During the instant that everyone was admiring GUILLAUM’s beautiful kicking, his front kick splashed into MIYATAKA’s solar plexus with a sharp sound. MIYATAKA dropped forward to a bended position, and despite his repeated attempts to stand up, he was counted out.

MIYATAKA later commented – “I was not sure what happened in the ring when GUILLAUME kicked me. Was it a front kick that knocked me out? It was like a flash, my mind went blank.”

Carried out by a stretcher to his waiting room, MIYATAKA was still half in doubt with dubious expression.

” I warned MIYATAKA to watch out for those fast speedy kicks” said ICHINOSE a member of the Japanese contingent, ” I think there’s a lot of skills to be taken from French boxing.”

French boxing is fearful. The Japanese camp has to reconsider their game plane after MIYATAKA’s KO loss.

GUILLAUME finally commented, ” as soon as I entered into the ring. I knew I would win this fight. My body conditioning was fine, and my kicking was delivered well. But I didn’t imagine I would  achieved a knock out that soon.”

Even though GUILLAUME had won, he spoke calmly in a French manner with a face expression that said – ‘ I am the French champion.’

French boxing, for a while, seems to be the rage.



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