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French boxing savate ‘ my champion techniques’ DVD with Kamel Chouaref.

Kamel Chouaref currently holds the greatest number of titles in the history of savate -kickboxing. His titles include 9 times French champion, 4 times European champion, 2 times world champion, 4 times French cup winner and 5 times selected for the gold katana ( best boxer from all categories included). Kamel’s titles in kickboxing include winning 3 world belts in less than a year. His record stands at 91 fights, 3 defeats and 43 victories by KO in savate -kickboxing.

Kamel’s  DVD presents savate techniques at its pinnacle . The DVD is supported by multiple camera angles with ‘real time’ display and slow motion replays.

Bonus material comprise 3 of Kamel’s savate fights in the ‘combat’ ( full contact) category along with a picture gallery. Also included is a TV appearance in which  Kamel demonstrates ‘assaut’ level sparring with his training partner. Audio provides a choice of French, English, Dutch or Spanish commentary.

Those unfamiliar with savate- kickboxing will find this DVD offers little in the way of instruction of savate’s basic skills. Instead Kamel’s DVD provides its audience with a display of advance techniques at a silver glove level.

The DVD is recommended to people with an intermediate knowlage of savate who wish to include additional techniques and combinations to their already established skill base.

The chapter showcasing  ‘enchainement’  techniques ( series of linked foot- hand combinations for which savate is renowned for) is poetry in motion, Kamel’s savate techniques are simply outstanding.

French Boxing Savate ‘my champion techniques’ is available from

View a sample of Kamel’s DVD here


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