Treatise on the French Method of the Noble Art of Self-Defence Part 2


Pros and Cons

That the English are a nation of sportsmen no one could deny. The taste for Sport seems to originate in the cradle, grows with the man and I query if there is a child, youth, or man without a liking for certain games? Although tastes may and do differ, is there one without a choice? In fact, who could gainsay that the majority of the world follows and is devoted to a sport of some kind, be that rowing or cricketing, football or tennis, wrestling or fencing, boxing or gymnastics? Group all the followers of games and you will have grouped well nigh the whole world – the world of Sport, in which the English reign supreme by right of conquest due to love of the game, and their endurance and pluck.




We ought not to overlook the “Sport of Kings” for it has favour with nearly all; in fact, I question if any British born could be found unable or unwilling to discuss the points of a horse? Is not the racecourse the Englishman’s native heath? A well contested match in the football or cricket field will draw him for miles; but a good display of the “Scientific Art” will fetch him anywhere! This for good reason:- He likes the game right well, is familiar with the weapons and probably knows their value, if only during schooldays, when the want of science has been compensated for by a lot of pluck, a stout heart….and a few bruises. Here, he will not stop at the argument of points, he will offer practical demonstrations, for who does not think himself a crack in the NOBLE ART OF SELF DEFENCE and the use of Nature’s weapons?

So far, so good—but why with him are these weapons limited to the arm and fist only? Is not the Britisher, like the rest of mankind, endowed with two ether limbs? Why, then, does he wish to ignore their proper use as intended by out thoughtful mother Nature for our protection and defence? Is it that he cannot kick? See him in the football field or in any running, jumping or other gymnastic feat, or descending to the dregs of society, witness – – at all distance- – what some of the East End roughs or the south East Hooligans can administer, and your doubts, if any, will be dispelled.




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