Treatise on the French Method of the Noble Art of Self-Defence Part 3





The Canne has a great family likeness to the single stick, and only differs upon certain points, the most serious of which is that it is intended as a weapon of defence, as for for instance, ones walking stick, and not, as in the singlestick play, an imaginary broadsword. In practise, it is neither hilt or guard or any kind for the hand; and as it is improbable that the weapon you might have to use against an attack would be provided with such, it is best to practise with the proper tools.

The guards, positions and parries are very nearly the same as singlestick’s, but the thrust, or to be more precise, the blows, are delivered differently and generally with a rapid preliminary flourish round the head and neck, perplexing the adversary and lending much more force to the blows.

If suddenly implicated in a street brawl it’s use will prove of much value, for as already remarked in the Treatise, it is in many instances wiser to use these borrows weapons in place of those given by nature. The Canne of the Salle d’ Armes is replaced by your walking stick, your umbrella or any such weapon that may be handy, and with any of these you may coolly scorn the toys usually brought into use by this class of assailant. A well directed blow upon the forearm with soon place the weapon, whatever it is, hovs de combat, and second hits, administered above the ear will place the brute ion the same level.

For want of a stick your umbrella may do you excellent service . A gingham is an excellent weapon of defence, it will surprise you, if ever you have any occasion to use it ; the cover and the loose ribs, deaden a blow or a thrust in a remarkable way. To catch hold of this “friend in need” by the thin end, and deliver a rounded hit off the handle (if straight shape only), will give very good results, otherwise the point thrust alone is to be attempted.


In Conclusion

I wish to remind my readers that the objects of my advise and cousels are solely for the protection of oneself against aggressors, and that the uncalled-for use of one’s power and knowledge of the various parts of the art would decidedly be a misuse and a GROSS ABUSE.

A perfect knowledge and method of self defence is a Desidertum, but if this knowledge ever turns defence into defiance it becomes and Odium!


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