What’s New

Savate’s Le Revers Frontal  January 2018

Defense dans la Rue Footwork -Jump Step  December 2015

Defense dans la Rue Footwork 
November 2015

Defense dans la Rue DVD Vol.2 – Latest Teaser  June 2015

New Youtube Tutorial Clip – Chasse Lateral 
April 2015

La Lutte Parisienne April 2014

DDLR Vol.2 DVD Teaser   April 2014

Parisian Athletes    November 2013

Fighting with feet  August 2013

La Boxe Pratique by Julien Leclerc  May 2013

Maître d’Armes Mike O’ Brien – Youtube clip   January 2013

Les Sports modernes illustrés  January 2013

New Clip Defense dans la Rue ~History~   May 2012

Albert Chek, Australia’s Judo & Savate Pioneer  March 2012

Catch as Catch Style of Wrestling Compared to Boxing, Savate and Jiu-Jitsu as a Means of Unarmed Self-Defence   February 2012

Bootfighter Catalogue  February 2012

Fastest Feet in the East ~ Learning French Savate in Japan    April 2011

New Youtube Clip – Le Baton Française Joinville Method    February 2011

New Clip La canne Vigny Training – 2      December 2010

New Clip  La canne Vigny Training – 1       December 2010

Boots and Self Protection in the Civilian Environment      February 2010

Guillum The Great     February 2010

A victory with only one strike, a new storm hits the kickboxing industry  February 2010

Boxing with the Feet    February 2010

Fighting with Four Fists    February 2010

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